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AirCide products

AirCide destroys corona viruses and other viruses and bacteria while preventing microbial growth. AirCide products are a Finnish invention.

100% Finnish product

Woimet Ltd, which began development work a few years ago, is the first in the world to produce a 100% biological, disinfecting protective coating made of bio-based ingredients that destroys the coronavirus and other viruses, bacteria and molds. These products prevent the growth of such pathogens, for example on non-medical face masks and various surfaces, considerably reducing the risk of infection.

Power from nature

AirCide consists of fully bio-based substances with a powerful combined effect. The substances’ effectiveness has been proven in a number of scientific tests, and the ingredients have been found to destroy coronaviruses, numerous harmful bacteria and molds, and other fungi. These substances are also used in the medical and food industries.


AirCide is completely bio-based and does not contain synthetic active ingredients. All ingredients in the spray are biodegradable and when used correctly AirCide does not pose a risk to the environment. All ingredients have been tested in numerous scientific experiments and all ingredients have been approved by the EU Chemicals Agency for household and professional use.

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AirCide Clear

AirCide Clear is designed particularly for clear and hard surfaces. It can be used for example for phone and keyboard, shopping carts and baskets, door handles and hand railings

Effective cleaning

Fully biobased AirCide Clear products clean stains and dirt from the treated surface. Products are easy and fast to use and the mild odor adds to comfort of use. AirCide clear products replace traditional cleaning products.

Fast disinfection

AirCide Clear products destroy viruses and bacteria from surfaces instantly after spaying the product. Usage is fast and effortless enabling effective disinfection.

Long lasting protection

AirCide Clear products  form a long lasting protective coating  against coronaviruses so surfaces stay clean longer and reduce the amount of cleaning needed. The duration of the protective coating depends on how much the surface is touched. AirCide products are Finnish invention.

AirCide Regular

AirCide Regular products keep face masks clean longer and make it possible to reuse disposable face masks.

When AirCide regular is sprayed on the surface of the mask, it's long lasting protection against coronaviruses is activated immediately, which allows the mask to stay clean longer.  


Fully biobased AirCide Regural products disinfect the treated material by destroyting viruses and bacteria. AirCide Regular products have been designed to use on breathing and face masks, different fabrics and all other porous surfaces that you want to have a antimicrobially treated. AirCide Regular producs make it possible to reuse disposable face masks thanks to the disinfecting effect..


AirCide Regular products form a durable and long lasting protective coating against coronaviruses so different materials for example face masks stay cleaner for longer.


The effectiveness of AirCide products has been studied at the University of Jyväskylä

The active substances used for AirCide have been studied at institutions including the Department of Biological and Environmental Science of the University of Jyväskylä. These studies have determined how quickly and in what concentrations AirCide is effective against the coronavirus. The effect of AirCide on the filtration capacity of filter materials, such as protective masks, has been tested in an accredited Eurofins laboratory in Espoo.

The products meet the requirements of EN 14476, EN 13624, EN 13697and EN 13727 standards. 

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